Tuesday, 26 July 2016

# DC277

Since spending time in New Zealand I have been inspired by the culture, fauna and flora.
They have a magnificent tree named Pohutukawa which is smothered in scarlet puffball flowers. My circles are to suggest the flower closed, from above and then opened.
I think Pixieoze from Margaret Bremner is the only design I have borrowed but apologise if anything else is taken :)

Exchanging "I should" for "I want to".

Exchanging "I should" for "I want to".

 I have collected quite a few brush pens and fineliners now. I kept telling myself that I should make a colour swatch chart as the ink is not always anything like the pen caps. Should, now there's a word, along with 'must' they are guaranteed to make me prevaricate!
After yet another wrong grey I decided to change the should for want :) Then it seemed like fun and not a chore.
I used Helen Williams' Bloom and now have most of my colours for easy reference. When my new inks and watercolours arrive I will think of a way to do a similar thing..very exciting!

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Inspired by the red moons we have in Spain. This was my entry for IAST #153, it was in the rubbish bin for a day until a very kind person suggested I revisit it. A dig through the trash and a little bit of fiddling and it grew on me :)...

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Diva Weekly Challenge #275

This week's Diva Challenge calls for artwork using PEACE as a theme.
I chose patterns whose initials can spell out the word.
Pais by Mikee Huber
Echo by Sue Clark (twice!)
Africanartist by Tina Hunzinker
Ciceron from Mariet Lustenhouwer

It's a String Thing #151

It's a String Thing #150